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Thanks for supporting Vintage Deco! We are now...

= New & Noteworthy in Japan

= Top #1 in Thailand

= Top #1 in Photo & Video in Hong Kong and other countries



++ 復古裝飾,為您提供最好的體驗,編輯和修飾您的照片!

- 裝飾您的照片,精美的設計和獨特的古董貼紙和框架。

- 300+ VINTAGE郵票和徽章於免費使用

- 主題包括:復古,海軍風,建築,字母&MORE

- 海量免費的古典風格邊框

- 在Facebook,Twitter的和Instagram的分享給你的朋友

【免費攝影App】Vintage Deco-APP點子

- 你的創造你的明信片

++ 復古裝飾裝飾你的照片!

- 選擇一張照片,並對其進行編輯過濾器

- 選擇一個框架,運用裝飾貼紙去美化照片

- 簡單操控縮放和旋轉貼紙

- 創建一個獨特的照片

- 發給您的朋友,您創建的精美明信片

- 分享您的照片到Facebook,Twitter的和Instagram的!


**The ONLY vintage deco app on AppStore!!**

++ Vintage Deco gives you the BEST experience to edit and decorate your photos!

- Decorate your photos with all sets of beautifully designed and unique vintage stamps and frames.

【免費攝影App】Vintage Deco-APP點子

- 300+ VINTAGE stamps and badges available to be used for FREE

- Themes include: Vintage, Marine, Architecture, Alphabet & MORE

- Frames with Vintage style, Classical style are available for FREE

- Share it to your friends on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

- Send your friends POSTCARD with your creation

++ Decorate your photos with Vintage Deco!

- Choose a photo and edit it with filters

- Choose a frame and as many stamps as you wish

- Resize and rotate the stamps, decorate your photo the way you want to

- Create a unique photo of you and your friends

- Send your friend a Postcard with your beautifully created photo

- Share your photo on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

【免費攝影App】Vintage Deco-APP點子

Enjoy decorating and editing photos with Vintage Deco! Have fun and get creative with all the stamps and frames! Get it NOW!

【免費攝影App】Vintage Deco-APP點子

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