Virtual Shaver For Fun

【免費工具App】Virtual Shaver For Fun-APP點子

Have fun with your phone! Leave a deep impression on your friends with this cool app and pretend you have your own personal shaver on your phone.

This great app simulates the sound of the real electric shaver.Click the switch button to launch the shaver.It will make the sound and vibration like real.

Enable the virtual shaver to fool your friends into thinking that you are having a real shaver.

Main Features:


-For everybody

-For Android phone and tablets

-Sound effect

【免費工具App】Virtual Shaver For Fun-APP點子

-Vibration effect

-Vivid electric shaver simulator

Come to download it and enjoy the process the shaving!

It is a must prank tool in the party.

Highlight the atmosphere with this funny app.

For fun.


The electric razor often does not require the use of shaving cream, soap, or water. The razor may be powered by a small DC motor, which is either powered by batteries or mains electricity. Many modern ones are powered using rechargeable batteries.

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