Visual Science Experiment

【免費書籍App】Visual Science Experiment-APP點子

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WAGmob brings you, Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for "Visual Science Experiment". The bite sized app helps you to understand the basics of "Visual Science Experiment".

Only 101 introduction to "Visual Science Experiment" is provided via this app. The app provides snack sized, bite sized learning. It is not a replacement for the book.

【免費書籍App】Visual Science Experiment-APP點子

App features include tutorials, quizzes, flashcards,video.

"Visual Science Experiment" includes tutorials, quizzes, and flashcards for following:

Rainbow Formation,

【免費書籍App】Visual Science Experiment-APP點子

Movement of Molecules,

Static Electricity,

Hot Air Balloon,

CO2 is Heavier than Air,

Making a Projector,

Magnetic Lines of Force,

【免費書籍App】Visual Science Experiment-APP點子

Electromagnetic Crane,

Magnetic Car,

Electric Motor I,

Electric Motor II,

Newtons First Law of Motion,

Necessity of O2 for Burning,

【免費書籍App】Visual Science Experiment-APP點子

Invisible Ink Experiment,

Making a Lava Lamp,

Osmosis Experiment,

Observing Plant Cells.

【免費書籍App】Visual Science Experiment-APP點子

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【免費書籍App】Visual Science Experiment-APP點子

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【免費書籍App】Visual Science Experiment-APP點子

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