Vocabulary Synapse (SAT/GRE)

【免費教育App】Vocabulary Synapse (SAT/GRE)-APP點子

Driven by Mind Sculptor Software’s adaptive algorithms and designed by Arvin Vohra (author of The Equation for Excellence), Vocabulary Synapse makes it easier to build an advanced vocabulary for the SAT and GRE. Appropriate for all levels, Vocabulary Synapse contains over 1000 vocabulary words and word roots and over 3000 questions.

Have you ever struggled to make your brain memorize vocabulary words? Vocabulary Synapse does it for you. While you relax and click on answer choices, Vocabulary Synapse forces your brain to learn each word. Words you get wrong reappear more often, and each word appears in multiple question types. Soon you will find yourself learning words with much more speed and much less effort than with other systems. Each time you train, you can decide on a target score or try to beat your old score.

Ideal for SAT and GRE, Vocabulary Synapse is the fastest and easiest way to force vocabulary into your brain.

【免費教育App】Vocabulary Synapse (SAT/GRE)-APP點子

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