Voice Recorder Widget - Pro

【免費音樂App】Voice Recorder Widget - Pro-APP點子


【免費音樂App】Voice Recorder Widget - Pro-APP點子

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【免費音樂App】Voice Recorder Widget - Pro-APP點子


▶ Easy to use recorder widget now!

- Even when the screen will still be recorded.

- A simple switch to the home screen with widgets shape design goes everywhere.

- Providing all four widget icon can be changed.

- Widget only works without a separate application.

- Mp3 files.

- Unlimited time recording is possible.

- High quality of the voice is recorded.

- The recorded file / SecretVoiceRecorder stored in

【免費音樂App】Voice Recorder Widget - Pro-APP點子

▶ The setting items

- Change widget icons (now total of four supported)

- Recording of the notification alert

- At the start of recording, the pop-up message notifications

- Recorded at the end of the pop-up message notifications

- At the start of recording, vibrating alert

- Recorded at the end of the vibrating alert

【免費音樂App】Voice Recorder Widget - Pro-APP點子

▶ Installation and Use

- Widgets page "Voice Widget" to select

【免費音樂App】Voice Recorder Widget - Pro-APP點子

(If you do not see the widget please try rebooting the machine)

- Click the icon changes, the widget will start recording

(After adding the widget to the home screen after about ten seconds start)

- Click the icon again to end recording.

Save Path: / SecretVoiceRecorder]

▶ will be updated

- Record the folder in which the file is saved, Hide / show feature

※ application bugs or suggestions, please send an email will be addressed promptly. (dj.hyundai @ gmail.com)

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