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Voice SMS & Email writer helps you or relax your finger for complex message or mail typing. Voice SMS & Email writer provides option to vocally communicate or communicate by speech to your device especially for sms or email writing. People usually doesn’t like to type lengthy messages or emails, So Voice SMS & Email writer is best option to write Messages and emails by speech. This is very helpful tool for you, you can write your messages or email through voice instruction or you can write them manually. You can directly send this message or email through our Voice SMS & Email Writer. So now your fingers could relax and you will not irritate writing important messages because now write email or messages on voice communication.


【免費工具App】Voice SMS & Email Writer-APP點子

1.) Write SMS through voice communication.

2.) Write Email through voice communication.

【免費工具App】Voice SMS & Email Writer-APP點子

3.) Option to type SMS & Email.

4.) Write and Send email and message instantly.

【免費工具App】Voice SMS & Email Writer-APP點子

5.) Send email or messages to multiple people.

6.) Simple and attractive interface.

【免費工具App】Voice SMS & Email Writer-APP點子

Download Voice SMS & Email Writer and feel free from lengthy messages or email typing.

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