Voice StopWatch

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Voice StopWatch for the Android is a voice active stopwatch. It functions just like a regular stopwatch with several very handy extra features:

* Can work with different Voice Recognition Languages.

* Adjustments for voice commands and speech parameters.

* Starting/Stopping times can be triggered by your voice.

* Time and Lap(Split) can be triggered by your voice.

* Reset and Close can be triggered by your voice.

* Counter on/off can be triggered by your voice.

* Talking stopwatch/counter.

* Adjustments for speech Language.

* Lightweight --- Don't worry about your android storage

【免費工具App】Voice StopWatch-APP點子

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Voice StopWatch uses Google voice recognition. You can use it both offline and online. For more accurate voice recognition you can use it online.



This is the first version of Voice StopWatch and might not working in all Android phones. Please give us your feedback about the app functionality and we would appreciate if you report us the bugs if you encountered any.


To do List:

- Improve graphic.

- Set counter by Voice commands.

【免費工具App】Voice StopWatch-APP點子

- Counter with higher precision(1/100 second)

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We are always trying to improve our app.

Thanks for your support; we appreciate all your emails, tweets and reviews!

【免費工具App】Voice StopWatch-APP點子

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