Voice memo Lite

【免費生產應用App】Voice memo Lite-APP點子

Voice memo Lite is created seeking usability as a memo app.

It’s ready for a voice input system as well as a traditional text input system.

The simple operation method will let you use it intuitively.

Furthermore, the app is light and runs fast.

It’s free of charge. You should try this light-weight app.


Memo List screen

・It shows the list of saved memos from newest to oldest.

・The number of saved memos is shown in the parentheses next to Memo List on top the screen.

Description of buttons of the Memo List screen.

・Touch the bottom-right [Create] button to create a new memo.

・You can delete selected memos by touching the bottom-left [Trash] button.

・If you want to retrieve saved memos, input keywords and touch the upper-right [Search] button.

・By touching the upper-left [TOP] button, you can go to Memo List screen from Search Result screen.

・If you touch the physical keyboard, there will appear a [Delete All] button on the left side, a [Create] button at the center, and a [Backup] button on the right side.

・If you touch the [Backup] button, it will automatically make a folder named “memo_lite_backup” in an SD card and make backup copies of all saved memos as individual text files.

The file name has a from “ascending order of memo list_year_month_day_time”.

Note: You are required to prepare a micro SD card bor backup.

・You can read saved memos by tapping them.

・By doing a long press of a memo, you can delete it or share it with mail or social app.

Create Memo screen

・In this screen you can create a new memo.

・You can go to the screen by tapping the [Create] button at the Memo List screen or on the Menu window.

・By touching the bottom-left [Mike] button, you can take a memo by converting your voice into a text data.

【免費生產應用App】Voice memo Lite-APP點子

Note: A network connection is required.

・If you want to go back to the Memo List screen, touch the upper-left [Memo List].

Note: At that time the memo under construction won’t be saved.

・By touching the [Import] button on the Menu window which appears by touching the physical keyboard, you can import a text file from an SD card.

If you choose a text file from the folder named “memo_lite_backup”, you can display it on the Create Memo screen.

You can also import other text files. It will save the imported file when you touch the [Memo List] button or the [Back] button of the physical keyboard.

Edit screen

・You can edit a saved memo there.

・You can go to the screen by tapping a memo on the Memo List screen.

・To edit a memo, double-tap Edit screen.

・The arrangement of buttons is equivalent to that of the Create Memo screen.

Description of buttons of the Edit screen

・By touching the [Save] button, you can save the memo. The date of the memo will be updated only if you edited it before touching the button.

・By touching the [Memo List] button, it will go to Memo List screen. In this case the date won’t be updated.

Note: The memo won’t be saved if you touch the [Save] button after editing it.

Import screen

・You can check the contents of “memo_lite_backup” folder.

Description of buttons of the Import screen

・By touching the [Upper Folder] button, it will go to the upper folder of the “memo_lite_backup” folder.

・By touching the [Back] button of the physical keyboard, it will go to the Create Memo screen.

The method of backup and reconstruction in case of model change.

1.Before you change the model, please touch the [Backup] button on the Menu window of the Memo List screen.

2.Insert the SD card of a former smart phone into the new model.

3.Re-install Voice memo List in the new model.

4.Start the app and touch the [Import] button on the Create Memo screen.

5.Choose memos which you want to import.

At that time you don’ t have to touch the [Save] button.

Validation: XPERIA firmware ver. 2.1

GALAXY S firmware ver. 2.3.3

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