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This is pretty much the Ad-Free donation version. Thanks for donating. I appreciate it even if I personally use the free version.

Now, for the copy and paste with minor edits. Well, its pretty much the same app so same description would make sense...

A gesture lockscreen replacement that offers both convenience and security.

Imagine this scenario:

A guy picks up your phone.

What's the first thing he'll do? Turn it on of course.

He presses the power button... no response. Presses a couple other buttons and touches the screen... no response.

What's the first thing he'll think of? Phone's Off. Battery's Dead.

It wouldn't occur to him that the phone is actually ON, but pretending its off.


-Two methods of unlocking

--Gesture Mode

--Key Combinations

Both offering an incredible amount of security

-App launching from lockscreen

You're able to create gestures for ANY app and launch it from the lockscreen. Please be advised that if you use simple gestures for these, it places your device at risk more

-Activate Settings from lockscreen

Need to turn phone to vibrate? Normal lockscreens requires you to unlock the phone, then unlock the lockscreen, then pull down the status bar to press Volume. Now, just do a volume down gesture, its safer too


For Android 2.3+ devices, there is front camera support to take pictures after a certain amount of failed attempts at unlocking

I should probably address the issues that some users are having with uninstalling. Void Lock can not be uninstalled after you have set it as a Device Admin. To uninstall, go to Settings, then find Security, find Device Adminstrator, and disable it.

Now, if there's any questions or suggestions, email me

Now if anyone is curious about the permissions used...


Used to run at boot.


Used to lower the display's brightness


Used to make the lockscreen


Used to make the system lockscreen not show up


Used for mugshot image files

【免費工具App】Void Lock Paid-APP點子


Used for bluetooth on or off, forgot


Used for... if the other was on then this is off, or vice versa


Used for enabling or disabling wifi


Same as above


Used to detect incoming call


Used for WakeLock mode, for the users who has battery and wants to avoid pressing Power button


Just Vibrate


MugShot Emails and ads


same as above


Used to find default EMail account to mail to. Impossible to get account information


Take a picture


Required for getting default launcher


Required for getting amount of missed calls


【免費工具App】Void Lock Paid-APP點子

Required for getting amount of unread SMS

【免費工具App】Void Lock Paid-APP點子

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