Volume Booster Pro

【免費音樂App】Volume Booster Pro-APP點子

Try this new modern style sound booster. It will increase your speakers volume up to 10-20%.

What sets Volume Booster Pro from other similar applications is that when a user activates boost this app not only amplifies the sound to the end, but also uses the built-in Android equalizer to optimize the frequency channels by means of a special algorithm. So the result is a stronger and clearer sound.

You can choose three types of volume to be boosted:

【免費音樂App】Volume Booster Pro-APP點子

* Media player volume,

【免費音樂App】Volume Booster Pro-APP點子

* Ringer volume,

【免費音樂App】Volume Booster Pro-APP點子

* Alarm volume,

【免費音樂App】Volume Booster Pro-APP點子

* Any combination of all three

It will improve the volume and sound of your speakers and headphones and make them sound like a HiFi system.

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DISCLAIMER: This app in no way can damage your phone!

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