Volume Booster

【免費音樂App】Volume Booster-APP點子

Your android device sounds poor? Try this new amazing sound booster. It will increase your speakers volume up to 10-25%.

【免費音樂App】Volume Booster-APP點子

Sketchy Volume Booster uses sophisticated algorithm in order to increase the sound.

Just tap on the speakers and enjoy stronger and clearer sound.

You can adjust three types of volume:

【免費音樂App】Volume Booster-APP點子

* Media player volume,

【免費音樂App】Volume Booster-APP點子

* Ring volume,

【免費音樂App】Volume Booster-APP點子

* Alarm volume,

It will improve the volume and sound of your speakers and headphones and make them sound like a HiFi system.

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DISCLAIMER: This app in no way can damage your phone!

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