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【免費生產應用App】Volunteer Time Tracking-APP點子

Tracking volunteer hours is now at your fingertips! With this app you can track and log volunteer hours on the go via your mobile phone. Perfect for school PTOs and PTAs, humane societies, museums, employer volunteer programs, nonprofits, and any other volunteer organization.

Note: This mobile app is a companion for OurVolts.com, and cannot be used without an OurVolts account.

OurVolts provides volunteer coordinators with a website to track volunteer hours and allows managers to easily create reports and graphs.

This Volunteer Time Tracking app is free for volunteers and can be used both for free and paid OurVolts accounts.

To get started, create you volunteer account at https://www.ourvolts.com, and connect it to a project. Once you’ve established your status, you can log your hours from anywhere using our mobile app. Your time will show up immediately on OurVolts.

Premium OurVolts accounts can use the mobile app to log hours for multiple volunteers - set up your iPad as a kiosk at your volunteer site and log everyone as they come and go.

Mobile App features:

Log Hours for existing projects

Coming Soon:

Manage your volunteer profile

【免費生產應用App】Volunteer Time Tracking-APP點子

Invite Volunteers

Sign up through OurVolts Mobile

Review your hours

… and all the other nice features available on the site

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