Vyalah makes your shopping experience better and helps you make better shopping choices. Vyalah allows you to shop by creating categories.

Confused on whether to buy a product or not?

Example. You go to Ikea. You like a coffee table. But, you are in 2 minds thinking if you can get a better deal else-where. But still you want to add this coffee table to your wish list. If you have Vyalah, you can take multiple clicks of the coffee table, enter the price and other information and save it in your Vyalah wish list. You then see another coffee table in Macy's. You just have to browse through all the coffee tables in your wish list and then, compare this coffee table with that you saw in Ikea or any other place. You can then make the best choice for yourself.

Vyalah doesn't need any user account. Your phone is your account. You are the only person who has access to your items. Hence you can store anything in Vyalah wish list.

Happy Shopping with Vyalah!



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