W&O Restaurant POS -Food

【免費商業App】W&O Restaurant POS -Food-APP點子

W&O POS - Food Event is a customer based ordering system. Taking order by each predefined customer. Order items easily. Show total payment and email receipt. You can configure customers, category, and item.

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1. Add/delete/edit orders

2. Export history orders in csv

3. Email receipt in html

4. Import/add/delete/edit customer

5. Import/add/delete/edit category and item

6. Tax Rate

7. Customer name index

【免費商業App】W&O Restaurant POS -Food-APP點子

8. View items by fling

9. Backup and restore database.

10. Auto backup database to SDcard when exiting

11. Auto backup database to Dropbox when exiting

12. Support 27 currency

13. Login password

14. Default email address for receiving orders

15. Share menu and orders with multiple devices by using Dropbox™

16. More...

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