W-Tools (hide last seen)

【免費工具App】W-Tools (hide last seen)-APP點子

Get more out of WhatsApp! !No ROOT needed!

NOTE: (Read it Please...)

1. Click 'Start Service' and open WhatsApp

2. Now you can read and write messeages without changing your online timestamp.

【免費工具App】W-Tools (hide last seen)-APP點子

3. Once you exit WhatsApp your WiFi/Data connection will be enabled automatically and all messages will be send.

Thanks to W-Tools you can finally use WhatsApp you want to.

Features include:

【免費工具App】W-Tools (hide last seen)-APP點子

- READ messages without changing your 'last seen' status

- WRITE messages without changing your 'last seen' status

- WhatsApp Bomber

Thanks to “hide ‘last seen’” you can have private conversations with anybody knowing that you are online.

How to use “hide ‘last seen’”:

【免費工具App】W-Tools (hide last seen)-APP點子

- Start the “hide ‘last seen’”-service

- Open WhatsApp and read/write your messages.

- When you close WhatsApp your written messages will be send and you are again able to receive messages.

【免費工具App】W-Tools (hide last seen)-APP點子

免費玩W-Tools (hide last seen) APP玩免費

免費玩W-Tools (hide last seen) App

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