W10 Keyboard PRO-Italian

【免費工具App】W10 Keyboard PRO-Italian-APP點子

**It is Italian version of W10 Keyboard PRO**

◈Most intuitive and intellectual keyboard for mobile devices, W10 Keyboard PRO!◈

You don’t have to worry about big finger typos any more.

One hand is enough for texting and the other hand is free!

Just type your text with W10 keyboard PRO! It makes typing much easier on your phone.

★W10 Keyboard PRO is upgraded and added the smartest word prediction/completion★

W10 keyboard is an innovative, simple & intuitive Latin alphabet input system that substantially speeds up mobile texting. You are texting only with 10 basic alphabet letters.

With W10, all 26 English alphabet letters and other Latin languages can be formed by using the 10 basic alphabet characters and seamless users’ experience of writing pattern.

【免費工具App】W10 Keyboard PRO-Italian-APP點子

With one or two strokes of keypad, you complete each 26 letter and more alphabet characters.

The logic is simple! ≪W theory≫

There’re 10 basic alphabet letters, u, l, n, c, i, o, j, t, f, e, among 26 characters on 10 numeric phone keypads, and combine (or drag) 2 letters to make the rest of 16 letters like u+u=w, n+n=m, c+l=d, l+n=h, c+j=g, c+i=a, and so on. You just type letters when you write letters on your smart phone.

[Languages supported]

W10 keyboard can be configured to many languages selected, and the user can switch between(or among) them at any time.

*Language setting: go to ‘W10 keyboard Settings’ then press ‘Language Selection’

- English: Dictionary included

- French

【免費工具App】W10 Keyboard PRO-Italian-APP點子

- German

- Italian: Dictionary included

- Korean

- Portuguese

【免費工具App】W10 Keyboard PRO-Italian-APP點子

- Spanish


▶ Multiple keyboard layouts [W10/QWERTY]

(Slide up the keyboard to change the layout)

▶ Smart & accurate dictionary (Italian/English)

▶ Support a variety of skins (Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Classic)

【免費工具App】W10 Keyboard PRO-Italian-APP點子

▶ Speech to text

▶ Gesture input (drag on touch screen) for combinable alphabet letters.

▶ Support multi-language (English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish)

▶ Accented, international character support (Input a letter then tab or long press on ‘áÁ’ key)

【免費工具App】W10 Keyboard PRO-Italian-APP點子

▶ Vibration/Sound mode

▶ Variety of mark, sign, symbol and emoticon.

▶ 3 speed mode for beginner, intermediate, and expert.

▶ Lightening on next possible combinable letters.

【免費工具App】W10 Keyboard PRO-Italian-APP點子

▶ Keyboard gesture control (Swipe right or left to access number or symbol keyboards)

[How to enable W10 keyboard & Setting]

After download W10, you can enable it on W10 Tutorial on Menu.

- Press ‘go to setting’ button → Check ‘W10 keyboard Pro’

* When you install any of text input apps, there are Warning sign popped up on screen. Please ignore the sign, “the keyboard collecting your personal data", this is a standard Android message when you activate any input method. We never collect any of users’ personal data.*

- Press ‘Set as Default’ button → Check ‘W10 keyboard Pro’

【免費工具App】W10 Keyboard PRO-Italian-APP點子

- ‘Next’ button for how to use manual

* For more information, you can visit tutorial and/or www.doubleu10.com

* If you have any trouble using the app, please email us (ks@shelko.co.kr) and we'll respond to you ASAP.

YOU WRITE BY TOUCH! True mobile keyboard, W10!!

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