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Payment processing made simple with Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant

Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant may help you increase sales, enhance customer service, and grow profits—all from your smartphone or tablet.


Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant makes card processing straightforward and convenient—whether in-person and on the go. This powerful app enables you to accept card payments right from your mobile device helping you process payments quickly and securely.

Accept payments with your smartphone or tablet

The Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant app turns your smartphone or tablet into a mini card processing terminal that can perform many of the same functions as a traditional point of sale terminal.


【免費財經App】WF Mobile Merchant Phone-APP點子

Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant supports all major cards and provides real time processing and reporting capabilities. Cards can be swiped or keyed and once the transaction is completed, receipts can be emailed or sent via text message. Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant also offers tips and tax functionality.

Technical support

Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant provides 24/7 customer support to help you be successful. Just call 1-866-277-4820 to speak to a Support Specialist.

Getting started

Before you can accept card payments with Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant, you’ll need to set up a payment processing account (if you don’t already have one).

【免費財經App】WF Mobile Merchant Phone-APP點子

We make opening a payment processing account practically effortless. Call 1-800-262-2893 Monday - Friday, between 7:00 and to 6:00 pm Pacific Time to get started.

Once you have a payment processing account, it’s easy to start accepting payments through your mobile device. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Android Mobile device with data service plan (Internet access)

2. Payment processing account

【免費財經App】WF Mobile Merchant Phone-APP點子

3. Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant app

4. Optional card reader

You will now be ready to take payments from your customers anytime, anywhere. It’s that simple!

【免費財經App】WF Mobile Merchant Phone-APP點子

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