WFS: WA File Sender

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IMPORTANT: Both sender and receiver must have official WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus and "WFS: File Sender for WhatsApp" apps installed on their phones to send and receive files.



★ SEND ANY TYPE OF FILE: With WFS you can send any type of file, like pdf, apk, doc, avi, doc, txt, exe, etc, etc. through the official whatsapp app (which by default allows you to send only audio and video files).

★ SEND FILES OF SIZE UP TO 160 MB: Whatsapp has file sending limit of only 16 MB, which is way too less. But WFS allows you to send files of up to a size whooping 160 MB. (No file size limit version is coming soon!)

★ SEND PHOTOS WITHOUT ANY LOSS IN QUALITY: When you send any photo through whatsapp , whatsapp reduces it's quality by resizing and re-encoding it. But with WFS, you can send photos without any loss in quality. Not a single byte of original photo is altered.



WFS app hides the original file inside an audio file and sends the audio file(containing the original file) to the receiver via WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus messenger. Now WFS app at the receiver's side identifies this audio file, and extracts the original file from it. For file larger than 16 MB, the file is divided into parts of 16 MB. For example, if the size of file is 80 MB, it be divided into 5 parts of 16 MB each and these 5 parts will be hidden inside 5 audio files. Sender HAS TO send all the 5 audio files otherwise the receiver won't be able to join them and get the original file. After receiver downloads all the file parts(audio files) sent by the sender, WFS joins these parts into the original file.



⦿ For sender:

1. Choose the file you want to send by clicking on the blue "Select File" button or by using the WFS's own inbuilt file explorer which is located below the "Select File" button.

【免費工具App】WFS: WA File Sender-APP點子

2. WFS will now divide and pack your file inside audio files. For example, if the size of selected file is 80 MB, the file will be divided into 5 parts of 16 MB each and these 5 parts will be hidden inside 5 audio files.

3. Next, you'll be taken to whatsapp or whatsapp plus. Here, choose the person whom you want to send the file. All the files created in step 2 will be sent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case the file is larger than 16 MB, be sure to send all the parts(audio files). Otherwise the receiver will not be able to get the original file.

⦿ For Receiver:

1. Download all the audio files sent by the sender using the official whatsapp or whatsapp plus application.

【免費工具App】WFS: WA File Sender-APP點子

2. Open WFS app and go to the "Unextracted" tab. Here you will see the list of all the received files(un-extracted) along with the total number of parts.

3. Click on the file you want to extract. Extraction process will now begin.

【免費工具App】WFS: WA File Sender-APP點子

4. After extraction process completes, swipe right, to the "Extracted" tab and click on refresh button to see the file you just extracted.

5. On "Extracted" page you can click on the file to open it, or long press to delete it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Receiver must download all the parts in order to get back the original file sent by the sender.


Disclaimer: We have no relationship with WhatsApp messenger and its related trademarks in any way. WhatsApp is the property of WhatsApp Inc.

【免費工具App】WFS: WA File Sender-APP點子

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