What? Another guess-the-secret-word game? Well, yes. And as with similar games, you try to guess the secret word by entering words as guesses, and WILY tells you how many letters in your guess are in the secret word. But that’s all you are told. Not which letters are correct. Not how many are in the right position. Just how many are correct. Oh, and there are limits on the number of guesses and amount of time you have to figure out the word! It’s challenging. It’s fun. It’s WILY!FEATURES:•Play 4-, 5-, or 6-letter word games and select to guess either “easy” or “hard” words.•Use hints to help solve the secret word. Find out if a letter of your choosing is in or out of the secret word, and/or the position of the letter. Unused hints are worth bonus points.•WILY uses letter color-coding to help you in your quest. You can also color-code letters anytime you think you know their status. •There are 4 achievement levels for each word length, but you do not need to conquer one level to move on to the next. •Secret words are appropriate for all ages, and are generally not considered obscure, but words used for guesses can be any real word.EASY to play. Sometimes a CHALLENGE to win. Enjoy the WILY challenge.What WILY’s testers have to say (yes, they are all friends and relatives):•"Wily is the perfect brain game. A great mental workout... exercise has never been this much fun!" - Emily. •“I love playing Wily as much as I can. It has replaced my obsession with Sudoku and crossword puzzles because it is challenging, fun, and I can do it anywhere, anytime on my iPad or iPhone. Now when the doctor asks if I have any addictions I have to say....Wily!” – Suz.•“Wily is as much a logic and numbers game as word game, which is what appeals to me. You can play a quick game in a couple minutes or play for hours. Top 3 game I've played.” – Paul.•"Awesome game, except that now my wife always wants to borrow my phone." – Tom.•"Awesome game, except that now my husband claims that it's HIS phone." – Tom’s wife Kathryn.•"I don't usually like games, but I love this one! Give it a try!" – Bekah.



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