WOW! Clocks - Hanami Ver.

【免費生活App】WOW! Clocks - Hanami Ver.-APP點子

WOW! Clocks USA Hanami Version – “Flower Viewing Season All Year Long!”

WOW! Clocks USA, the most alluring new way to tell time in the United States, has come to Japan to shoot WOW! Clocks USA - Hanami Version!

WOW Clocks USA features 1,440 photos of real American girls, shot on location in the United States -- some cute, some playful, and some downright hot. Our newest version – WOW! Clocks USA Hanami Version features 1,440 Japanese cuties enjoying Japan’s most beautiful season. In addition to ladies you may find kids, families, and other spring revelers in this App – maybe even someone you know.

Hanami season doesn’t last long, so we hope you’ll download and enjoy this fast changing App a little longer. All features, such as voting, ability to give flowers, set alerts are fully functional in this version.

Download now. Flower Viewing Season All Year Long!!!

Known issues:

· New photos download in the background in sleep mode, but not when the App is closed.

【免費生活App】WOW! Clocks - Hanami Ver.-APP點子

· Bottom buttons (Challengers and WOW! Page) take up to 15 seconds on the first usage but less than a second after that.

***Closing and reopening the application solves most problems. If you have any issues for us to work on, please send an email to

【免費生活App】WOW! Clocks - Hanami Ver.-APP點子

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