Proudly made for Athenians, by Athenians. At this time, coupons are ONLY available in Athens, Ga. We’ll be moving to other cities in the Southeast shortly!No more clipping coupons and forgetting to take them to the store. We’re Wagglez, the mobile coupon book in your pocket. Wagglez is the first app of its kind to let users browse a coupon database of local restaurants, bars, services and events in real-time. We are constantly adding new coupons to Wagglez, so check back daily to see new deals. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Hand-pick the deals you like.Step 2: Redeem deals at the time of purchase. Seriously, that’s it. Look over current deals on your way downtown, then redeem them at your favorite, local places when you get there. Our model is simple, yet effective: there’s no printing, no pre-buying, and no bombarding your inbox with “daily deals.” All you need is your phone and your finger. Wagglez works with your favorite businesses to make awesome coupons, so there’s no confusion at the checkout counter when you’re on your way out.Here’s the kicker: this app is free--as in F-R-E-E--to anyone looking for trouble in Athens, Ga. Wagglez is committed to helping businesses in the Athens area. Our merchants cover the gambit--from car washes to five-star restaurants--but they all have one thing in common: they’re all local businesses. Wagglez helps you support your community, as you save money. Insider Info:Wagglez is named for the waggle dance of a honey bee that communicates where to find the sweetest nectar in an ever-changing environment. It’s a metaphor, y’all. Wagglez is here to help Athenians find the sweetest deals our humble town has to offer. Think of us as your winged messengers, bearing the sweet, sweet news of free beer (and what not).Features:Coupons: Browse digital coupons, with standard expiration dates (1-2 months), and use them whenever you like. These are deals for later tonight, with your friends, or two weeks down the road, when your parents come to visit. Gather ideas for cool outings, then execute when the moment’s right. Redeem: Redeem your digital coupon in the store by selecting the coupon and sliding the bar to reveal the coupon code. Give the coupon code to the cashier. (Note: you must have your phone with you to redeem the offer.)Navigate:We’ll help you get to the destination of your choice, with links to your phone’s map program.Call:Tap the phone number on your offer’s details to contact the vendor. Facebook Login:Easy login to the Wagglez app using your Facebook profile username and password.


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