Wake Up - time your sleep

【免費健康App】Wake Up - time your sleep-APP點子

This app is based on the techniques concerning sleep which indicate that we have various phases when we sleep consisting of both deep and light sleep.

These phases run in a cycle of about 90 minutes. And it is said that you will feel better when you wak up, if you wake up during one of the light phases of sleep.

【免費健康App】Wake Up - time your sleep-APP點子

This cycle can vary based on different conditions. Therefore this app will attempt to find your sleeping cycle, and after this has been done the app will automatically attempt to wake you during your light sleep.

The way the app tries to find your sleep cycle is done like this.

【免費健康App】Wake Up - time your sleep-APP點子

1. you register the latest time you want to wake up

2. when you go to sleep at night, you register that within the app

【免費健康App】Wake Up - time your sleep-APP點子

3. when you wake up, you also register that and indicate how you feel

Based on this information the app will be able to determin your sleep cycle and figure out the best time to wake you and automatically set an alarm prior to you desired alarm to wake you up more gently

【免費健康App】Wake Up - time your sleep-APP點子

You will therefore experience 2 alarms. A suggested alarm to wake you gently and you own alarm which will still wake you in case the first one did not work.

In the beginning though this means that you will only get your desired alarm untill your sleep cycle has been determined.

【免費健康App】Wake Up - time your sleep-APP點子

NOTICE: In this first version the trial version is a complete version with no adds and no limitations. This might change in future versions. So if you want all future updates and want to support me please buy the app

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