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Walkometer+ is designed to make you healthy and fit. The more you walk or run the more healthier is your life.

- It tracks every step you walk or run and stores them to provide excellent analysis of your lifestyle.

- It thinks through your data and tells if you are leading a sedentary or moderate or active or a very active Lifestyle

- The summary page will keep you motivated by telling you what to do to increase your steps or how well your maintaining your healthy lifestyle

- Not just you, even the app walks along with you, the graphical interface is designed to make your walk more fun and enjoyable

【免費健康App】Walkometer +-APP點子

- One of the first app to provide both GPS and Accelerometer version, which means when you walk or run outside use GPS mode or when you use treadmill use Accelerometer mode

- The steps count are so accurate that it takes into account only the steps you walk or run, which means for example if your driving it would not count your steps.

- The app interface also changes accordingly to different modes like walking or driving.

- Not just steps it also calculates the calories burnt, distance travelled, speed, your average score and your highest score

- Very very easy to use interface, even with such great functionalities

- Elegant and trendy charts to show your progress and analysis

- Worried about battery life..? Stop worrying, designed to consume very less battery life..!

【免費健康App】Walkometer +-APP點子

- And the important part is that the GPS mode will work even on lock screen

So why are you waiting, just install and start walking with your beautiful smile and lead a healthy life..!

New Update (Version

- Live tile support added

- Corrected the "Arithmetic Error" Bug

【免費健康App】Walkometer +-APP點子

- Calculates steps even when you are on call

New Update (Version

- Lock Screen shows real-time data

- Trial Version Added

- Wallpaper for Lock Screen(very creative)

New Update (Version

【免費健康App】Walkometer +-APP點子

- added review and rating

【免費健康App】Walkometer +-APP點子

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