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【免費動作App】Wally the Whale Free-APP點子

Native UFO Poaching

Wally the Whale is being tracked by natives and UFOs. They want to kill our top-hat wearing jokster, but he still has a few tricks left in his old blow-hole.

Our poor Wally has been starving, working at parties for children just doesn't pay as well as he hoped. But there are perks, he has never had more birthday cake or more love. Right now, you have to save Wally so he can return home to his family.

But he can't do it alone. You are the only one who can help him. When Wally consumes his foes, he grows stronger and more powerful. His renewed strength will allow him to defeat the poachers and return home safely to the children, where they are anxiously waiting for his delayed return.

For the children, Wally has been their most loyal friend. With user-friendly controls and instant action that's easy to understand, you can bring Wally home safely. With you guiding our best friend Wally through the beautiful (but now dangerous) waters of the Pacific, he can return to his family. And Wally would be happy to throw a party for you, if you can bring him back safely.

Don't wait. The sooner you install the game, the sooner you can bring Wally back home.

【免費動作App】Wally the Whale Free-APP點子

【免費動作App】Wally the Whale Free-APP點子

【免費動作App】Wally the Whale Free-APP點子

【免費動作App】Wally the Whale Free-APP點子

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免費玩Wally the Whale Free App

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