War Card Game

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The WAR (Card Game) is a simple card game which is not relies on specific strategy and memory skill.

It is entirely based on the luck of the initial pack of cards and the values of the cards

which are compared each time. It is easy to play WAR and it is suited especially for kids.

Play this game with your Phone/Tablet or with your friends (Support only two players in each game)

through BLUETOOTH.

[See the Help how to connect two devices(Phone/Tablet) via bluetooth by tapping Help in main screen of the Game.]

You may drag the winning cards to the Next Pack by yourself or leave that to the device.

Game Variations

1) In each cycle of the game the winning cards are moved to the next winning pack.

2) The pack is initialized to the next pack of cards that were shuffled when the pack of the cards is empty.

3) War - All the three cards are with faces up.


1) Play against Phone

【免費紙牌App】War Card Game-APP點子

2) Play against another Player through BLUETOOTH

3) View up to the 500 recent battles in the game at any moment of the game

4) Save the battles in the game on file , only upon Player request at any moment during the game and when the current game completed.

5) You may load the appropriate battles file for viewing on the screen and delete the file during and after the game.

6) You may copy the battles file to yours computer using the third party software using the USB cable.

7) Settings Menu in the main screen

7.1) 1/2 decks (26/52 cards)

7.2) Move winning cards to next pack manually or by game

7.3) Sound ON/OFF

7.3.1) Moving cards

【免費紙牌App】War Card Game-APP點子

7.3.2) Shuffle the cards in the pack

7.3.3) WAR occurrence

7.4) Two mode to display couple of cards.

7.5) Two kinds of themes .

7.6) Enable smaller card size

7.7) Enable to shuffle the Next pack when it is replaced with the current pack of cards.

7.8) Enable performing the internal Sanity-Checking of the game

8) Use the Menu Key to adjust the size of the text in the Help screen according to your need

【免費紙牌App】War Card Game-APP點子


The object of the game is to win all the cards.

Initial Deck

The initial deck may contain of one or two decks which determined in game options

and each deck contains of 52 cards.

Game Over

The game is over with winning when one of the players (Player/Phone)

collects all the cards of the initial deck.

Cards Face Values

The following shows the cards face value from the highest to lowest values






【免費紙牌App】War Card Game-APP點子










Shuffle the initial deck and divide the cards evenly between the Phone and the player.


Each stage of the game the Phone first reveals the top card on his pack.

【免費紙牌App】War Card Game-APP點子

Thereafter the game is waiting that the Player will tap on his deck

to show his top card.

The player (Phone/Player) with the higher card value takes

the both cards and moves them to the NEXT winning Deck side.

WAR occurs when the two cards are equal value.

In WAR the Phone reveals more three cards from each pack

and the last higher card of three cards takes all the cards as mentioned above.

The WAR repeats in the case that the last card of the three cards is still equal values.

When all the cards in the pack (Phone/Player) run out, the NEXT pack is shuffled

and the cards are moved to the played deck (Phone/Player).

【免費紙牌App】War Card Game-APP點子

The game is over when cards in the played and next deck run out and the winning

is the other Player that contains cards.

The WAR game uses for BLUETOOTH communication, the "BluetoothChat"" code (Exist in Sample folder of the Android SDK)

of the Android OPEN source under the Apache-2.0 licenses which is specified in the following URL:


If you encounter in any problem in the connection of the devices via Bluetooth or in any else problem, please report to developer e-mail and we will fix the problem as soon as possible.

【免費紙牌App】War Card Game-APP點子

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