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Atten-hut! Listen up you limp-wristed, pencil-pushing Nancy boy, war is no joke! Since you'll never be in the crossfire of live rounds, download 101 War Sounds to relive your childhood role-playing days. Whether it's tanks, jets, choppers, or warships, 101 War Sounds has it! AK's, cannons, grenades, or howitzers, 101 War Sounds has it! 101 War Sounds has all the sounds you've come to expect from your favorite war movies.101 War Sounds works with all generations of the iPhone and iTouch.For educational and informational use only. This application is designed for the iPhone and or iPod Touch which are incapable of dangerous high volume. Do not use this application with external amplification devices. As with any sound playing application, high volume may cause hearing damage. The intended use of this program is to safely test your hearing. Inner Four is aware of the controversial use of certain high frequencies played at overly high volume by police in some countries to disperse crowds of young people (Inner Four condemns any such use!) Play the sounds carefully and responsibly, and decide for yourself if others really can hear higher frequencies that you cannot. Use this program responsibly only for its intended educational and hearing testing use; any other use is strictly prohibited. Do not violate anyone's human rights or be cruel to animals with this application. Adhere to your local laws, and use entirely at your own risk! Copyright (c) 2009 Inner Four, Inc. and its licensors.

【免費娛樂App】War Sounds-APP點子

【免費娛樂App】War Sounds-APP點子

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