Warabe Kimika's Animals 2

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The "pi-bo Ehon" series is an interactive picture book for small children from ages 1 to 3.

The first book in this series is "Warabe Kimika's Illustrated Animal Book 2." This is an illustrated book with audio in three languages: Japanese, English and French.

The "pi-bo Ehon" is a first e-book for small children. This is not a conversion from a paper book, nor is it a game. The "pi-bo Ehon" is a new type of teaching tool what was designed to let children play with it in anyway they like so that they can develop their sense of creativity.

Text and audio from two different languages can always be set in the e-book. Any combination of Japanese, English or French can be used. In addition, the user can record his or her own voice for the audio used for the main language. We want parents to record their own voices to customize it for their children.

•How to use *

【免費教育App】Warabe Kimika's Animals 2-APP點子

- This software does not have any instructions or help. Just start the application and let you child touch or tap it. Your child should be able to discover how to use it alone.

- Tapping the setup/wrench/spanner icon will display a simple password protection screen. This will prevent your children from unintentionally opening and changing the settings.

- The secondary languages can be changed in the setup screen.

- Audio can be recorded and erased for the primary language in the setup screen. Even if you make your own recording, the original audio will not be erased. The original audio will be used again if a recorded audio clip is erased.

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