WarpQuest is a challenging & inspiring puzzle game designed by a small team.

We start with a simple rule set, yet by careful design, the difficulty of various levels can range from trivial to very hard.

[How to play]

This game is about moving ships on a 5x5 space grid, in one of the cells is the "WarpGate".

There are up to 6 ships you can control, among which you have a "MotherShip".


Given an initial state of the ships and gate, your goal is to move MotherShip to the WarpGate.

The only rules are:

1. Ships move in horizontal or vertical direction, a ship cannot be moved unless it will be stopped by another ship in its way.

2. Sometimes there are asteroids in the space, ships cannot move across them.


3. MotherShip is just another ship, when it stops at the WarpGate exactly, you win.

If you have entered a "dead" state, just reset and try again. Higher levels are difficult, so don't give up if you have failed for a few times.

[The story]

In a huge galaxy explosion, your fleet was thrown into a remote region in the universe. In order to return to Earth, you must pass through twenty five WarpGates.

The Mothership in your fleet is equipped with warp engine: stop exactly at the WarpGate, start the engine and take all ships into the next region.

Because of the explosion, a ship can't stop by itself once accelerated, unless blocked by another ship in the front. To survive, you must operate the ships thoughtfully.

Your orders, Commander!


1. In the mission mode (by clicking "Start" button), first three levels are tutorials, you learn how to play there step by step.

2. During the game, you could reset to the initial state at any time, by clicking the rewind arrow in the top right corner.


3. The energy bar at the bottom is your helper, when fully charged (which takes 24 hours), you could click the "WARP" button and enter next level.

4. After completing some missions, you will unlock the challenge mode, there you earn scores and compete with friends and everyone else in the world!


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