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Before Rage, Quake, Doom, or Wolfenstein, id Software created the Commander Keen series, which were the best smooth-scrolling platformers on the PC. As an extra, they included a radical rethinking of the PONG concept as a mini-game on Keen's wrist computer. Now this innovation comes to your Android phone with a retro style that is evocative of a bygone age in gaming.

Can you beat the computer without dropping a single point?

Can you beat the computer without touching the controls more than once?

These and others are just some of the challenges that await, should you chose to install Warros Padulosos!!!

Note, you will probably like this game best if it brings back memories from your early-nineties youth, or you are a raging Pong fanatic just woken from a cryosleep begun in 1972. It does work well on very cheap devices that use the PixelFlinger software OpenGL ES implementation however, so it might also suit you if your phone was less than $100 new a couple of years ago.

【免費休閒App】Warros Padulosos!!!-APP點子

【免費休閒App】Warros Padulosos!!!-APP點子

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