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Mission & Vision

Washington Township Medical Foundation is dedicated to being the premier mufti-specialty medical provider in the communities that we serve. Putting the patient first, we provide excellence in medical care and excellence in service through compassion, innovation and a focus on wellness, education and research.


We are dedicated to being the premier “community based” medical provider. We bring together physicians, staff and other allied health care professionals in a culture of caring, quality, service and innovation.

Our Patient Care Teams transform the health care experience by providing our patients with access to affordable "physician driven" medical care and patient service.

Our physicians and staff are compassionate, attentive, well trained and responsive to our patient’s needs. In the diverse communities we serve, our staff treats everyone with respect and dignity.

Our Patient Care Centers are located in the neighborhoods where our patients live, providing safe, convenient, and timely access to high quality care.

Our Patient Care Centers utilize the latest medical technologies in an environment that supports our physicians and their care teams.

Our Specialists are conveniently located so that access to high quality care is never far from home.

Our Patient Care Teams coordinate with our community resources assuring our patients access to the best care available.

Our focus on wellness and education provides our patients and their families with quality driven care that emphasizes the continuous quality improvement process.

Our participation in cutting edge research assures our patients get the most up to date care available.

Our staff is open and honest and acts with integrity. We accept responsibility for our actions, behavior and results.

【免費醫療App】Washington Township Medical-APP點子

【免費醫療App】Washington Township Medical-APP點子

【免費醫療App】Washington Township Medical-APP點子

【免費醫療App】Washington Township Medical-APP點子

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