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★★★ This app offers:

✔ Free Movies, classic TV Shows and Cartoons

✔ Blazing fast streaming of shows

✔ Built-in feature to bring you updated shows at NO EXTRA FEE!

✔ No subscription or extra fees!

✔ Does not use storage space of your device!

✔ Good old classical Movies, Cartoons, TV Series

✔ Presidential Debates

Guardare film gratis, cartoni animati, programmi televisivi

Guarda il dibattito presidenziale

Tutto in inglese. Impara l'inglese

Selezionare pellicola dalla cima all'elenco

Now includes Italian Movies

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This app features collection of new and classic public domain shows:

✔ Cartoons

o Tom & Jerry

o Woody Woodpecker

o Daffy Duck

o ...

✔ Movies

【免費娛樂App】Watch Free Movies-APP點子

o Horror Films

o Western Films

o Film Noir Movies

o Martial Arts (Kung Fu)

o Comedy

o ...

✔ TV Series

o Lucy Ball

o Gilligan's Island

o Comedy (Three's Company, Marx Brothers, Three Stooges, Sanford & Son...)

o ...

★★★ Here's some of the films (not enough room here to list everything ツツ

✔ Horror:

o Halloween scary movies

o A Bucket to Blood

o Angel on My Shoulder

o Bloody Pit of Horror

o Carnival Of Souls

o Dementia13

o Dr Jekylland Mr Hyde

【免費娛樂App】Watch Free Movies-APP點子

o Embryo

o Frankenstein

o Grave of the Vampire

o Horror Express

o The House on Haunted Hill

o Bloody Pit Of Horror

o City of Dead

o Night of the Living Dead

o Lady Frankenstein

o ...

✔ Comedy:

o Three Stooges

o 3 Stooges Color Craziness

o 3 Stooges Aloha Ha Ha

o Rescue from Giligan's Island

o Benny Hill

o ...

✔ Western:

o Apache Blood

o Marked for Murder


【免費娛樂App】Watch Free Movies-APP點子

o The Gun and the Pulpit

o Trouble in Texas

o Sheriff of Tombstone

o Fear in the Night

o Suddenly

o The Stranger

o D.O.A.

o Scarlet Street

o Quicksand

o Gun Justice

o The Kid in Texas

o The Kid Returns

o Gone with the West

o In Old Caliente

o Jesse James at Bay

o McLintock

o ...

✔ TV Shows:

o Lucy Meets The Burles

o Lucy & Efficiency Expert

【免費娛樂App】Watch Free Movies-APP點子

o Lucy & Flight Manager

o Lucy & George Burns

o Barbershop Quartet

o Gilligan Rescue from Island

o Africa_Screams

o Ask a Policeman

o At war with the Army

o Behave Yourself

o Gullivers Travels

o His Girl Friday

o Seemed like Good Idea

o Lets get Tough

o Lil Abner

o Meet John Doe

o Miss London LTD

o Mooch goes to Hollywood

o My Dear Secretary

o My Favorite Brunette

o ...

✔ Cartoon:

【免費娛樂App】Watch Free Movies-APP點子

o Donald Duck Gets Drafted

o Popeye Private Eye

o Woody Woodpecker 1

o Bargain Counter Attack

o Superman Eleventh Hour

o Little Miss Muffet

o Gabby All's Well

o Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

o Jack Frost

o Santa's Surprise

o The Air Race

o The Lion Tamer

o Betty Boop Poor Cinderella

o Popeye Taxi Turvy

o Barnyard Bunk

o Butterscotch And Soda

o Jolly Fish

o Piano Tooners

o Redskin Blues

【免費娛樂App】Watch Free Movies-APP點子

o ...

....... AND MANY MORE .......

*** DISCLAIMER: Please note that all shows are hosted by YouTube. We do not host / upload any of the shows.

【免費娛樂App】Watch Free Movies-APP點子

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