As people become more and more mobile the availability of medical records, their accuracy and our access to them becomes more and more critical especially in a case of emergency. In fact, often times, in case of emergency there is virtually no medical information available, making the treatment longer and more complex, even to the point that life is put in danger and even lost.

A good example for such cases would be tragic events like 9/11, hurricane Katrina, and the California fires have showcased the benefits of electronic record keeping. Those injured or made sick by any of those events but who had their medical records available were more easily treated and have found better outcomes than those for whom no medical records were available.

As the cell phone is the most personal device known today, storing this information on the phone is key. CORAnt Emergency Widget ™ does exactly that, making emergency information available immediately, regardless of network connectivity.

CORAnet addresses the interoperability, security, functionality, availability and mobility issues that each one of us encounters, in emergency situation when in need for current, up-to-date basic medical information.


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