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Track how much water you drink every day to increase your fluid intake and achieve optimal health! Water Tracker has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Whenever you have a drink of water, simply open the app and touch the glass to make the level rise. That's it!

Don't let the simplicity fool you though:

- It will automatically empty the glass every day and log your progress over time.

- You can see your progress over the past month in a single glance at the top of the screen

- Days where you reached your goal will be highlighted (so aim to get lots of these!)

【免費健康App】Water Tracker-APP點子

- You can change the amount of water you're aiming to drink each day at any time

- It looks great and more features are to come!

Note: The trial version will only show your history for the last 5 days.


V1.1 UPDATE: There was a bug in V1.0 that showed incorrect historical data which has now been fixed in this version. Just uninstall and re-install to clear the history if you notice records that go back to before you installed it.

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