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Organised by Businesses for Families Council (BFC). 'We Welcome Families' Awards is the pinnacle award of excellence in the effort to encourage businesses to cater to families. The Awards showcases businesses with exemplary measures to welcome families as their customers through family-friendly strategies, services and infrastructure. Check out the existing promotions and cast your vote for your choice of family-friendly establishment(s) now for a chance to win great prizes from 1 February to 28 February 2013! Show your support for businesses who welcome families through their strategies, services and infrastructure.

Features include:

- A directory on family-friendly businesses

【免費生活App】We Welcome Families-APP點子

- Exclusive promotions and discounts

- Links to 'We Welcome Families' website to vote and BFC website your favourite family-friendly establishment

What's New:

- Updated content for promotions and family-friendly businesses

- Link to 'We Welcome Families' website to cast your vote for

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