Wear Remote Recorder

【免費工具App】Wear Remote Recorder-APP點子

This application can make a recording at your smartphone by Android Wear

The situation that a phone is not touchable , This application can start recording immediately using Android Wear.

In addition, This application can perform stop of the recording and that This application record it again by the notice that reached Android Wear.

-- How to use --

1. Start method of the recording

【免費工具App】Wear Remote Recorder-APP點子

When you start recording at a smartphone, please start application, and, please push the Start button

When it starts from Android Wear, you only start application, and recording begins

Or, in Android Wear, please say a start recording after OK Google

2. Stop method of the recording

When you stop recording from a smartphone, please push the Stop butto

【免費工具App】Wear Remote Recorder-APP點子

When you stop from Android Wear, please push Stop of the notice

In addition, you can start recording again when you push Restart

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