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WeatherStorm HD was designed to present everything you need to know about the local weather at-a-glance, without searching for data, switching displays, or even switching apps. Current Conditions, Forecast, Alerts and Weather Radar are all right there!The following features are included: - Current Conditions, Mini Weather Radar, Weather Alerts, and Forecast all right on the opening display! - Automatically loads data for your current location first, for quickest access. - Bookmarks can store multiple Weather Stations per city, and can be rearranged and re-ordered. - One tap gives you more detailed forecast, or full-screen Weather Radar that can be panned in any direction. - Scrolling sections on the primary layout present data in a very efficient and compact manner. - Nearly any city in the world, and multiple weather stations per location, are available via® data service*. - Comprehensive bookmark system allows multiple weather stations per city. - Layout changes design and color based on the current weather! - Weather alerts change the border of the radar display, making them highly visible. - WeatherPush push notification alerts for bookmarked locations.- WeatherPush is entirely opt-in. It will not operate unless you allow Push Notifications, and then turn on a master switch plus select the locations you want notifications from. * WeatherStorm HD is licensed to use the® data service API. Some cities may not be available, or may not have active weather radar.

【免費天氣App】WeatherStorm HD-APP點子

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