Get all the weather information you need with Weathr, a beautiful weather app designed just for Windows Phone. With beautiful Flickr images that change based on your current weather, and minute by minute rain and snow forecasts, Weathr 2.0 is the only weather app you’ll need. Also included is Cortana integration, try saying “Weathr, will I need a coat today?” or “Weathr, what will tomorrow be like?”

Live tiles get you all the information you need on your start screen, with background updates for as many cities as you need, each with their own tile. All tile sizes are supported! Choose between beautiful built in images, location based Flickr images, or go transparent and let your background shine through! Notification center is also supported, with alerts and the option to include the most recent weather for every pinned city.

Weathr has been completely rewritten for Windows Phone 8.1, with new features like up to the minute rain prediction by Forecast.io, full screen worldwide radar maps from OpenWeatherMap, animated radar from Weather Underground.

Try it out today, with a 7 day fully free trial!

Features Include:

*Beautiful local pictures from Flickr as the background of the app, related to the current weather


*Automatically update with your current location and weather info as frequently as every half hour

*Support for all tile sizes, with either weather related backgrounds or transparent tiles

*Get an overview of the weather with worldwide radar and satellite, animated in some areas


*Detailed forecast and alerts in the app

*Weather data provided by Weather Underground and Forecast.io

****Trial Mode****

Trial mode is fully functional, with no limitations, but is limited to 7 days, after which you must purchase the app to continue using it

Version 2.0.1-2:


- Fixed bugs in trial version. Sorry about those, all trials have been reset, so you'll get 7 days after downloading this update

Version 2.0.0:

- Completely rewritten version for Windows Phone 8.1, now including Forecast.IO support.

- Other new features include:

* Improved live tiles with the option to make transparent

* Worldwide radar and satellite maps from OpenWeatherMap, as well as animated satellite and radar for select areas


* Better weather alerts, no Internet Explorer required, as well as alert notifications

* More options to control when background updates occur

* Hundreds of bugfixes for a more stable app


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