Web Favorites

【免費工具App】Web Favorites-APP點子

Web Favorites manages your mobile website favorites from your home screen.

【免費工具App】Web Favorites-APP點子


⋆ Stores up to 35 mobile website links for Sports, Fashion, Social, News, Photos, and more.

⋆ Change all of your shortcut favorites whenever you want.

⋆ Good if you do not want push notifications and in-app purchases provided by the various native apps.

【免費工具App】Web Favorites-APP點子

Get started by entering names and URLs of your favorite mobile websites.

⋆ TAP A LINK and the website opens up in your preferred web browser.

⋆ LONG-TAP A LINK and you can Edit or Delete the link details.

【免費工具App】Web Favorites-APP點子

Web Favorites does not replace, or import/export, your browser's bookmarks or history.

There are no ads, no in-app purchases, and no installation permissions.

【免費工具App】Web Favorites-APP點子

Created by Demosveritas Apps, Ltd.

【免費工具App】Web Favorites-APP點子

【免費工具App】Web Favorites-APP點子

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