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The Web Search Buddy App allows you to search in multiple web search engines at once. That means you can easily search on Google, Wikipedia, Youtube or for News and Images in one App. You can also search in different Newssites like Yahoo News, Bing News etc. or Online Shopping Websites such as Ebay, Amazon etc. In Addition the Websearch Buddy App provides you also an Build-in Multi Translator for German, French and Italian (To use it simply enter the Word you want to translate and select the target language).

Note: Technically the Web Search Buddy App is an Browserapp with given bookmarks. That means the Author of the Search Buddy App is not responsible for any displayed Searchresult within the App. The same terms and conditions for using the Buildin Android Webbrowser App in your Phone apply for using the WebSearch Buddy App.

【免費通訊App】Web Search Buddy-APP點子

【免費通訊App】Web Search Buddy-APP點子

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