WebNews - Easy RSS Reader

【免費通訊App】WebNews - Easy RSS Reader-APP點子

WebNews adds a simple RSS reader to your smartphone or tablet.

=== Easy for Readers ===

* You simply enter the website providing a RSS feed and... that's it!






Simple Keywords will be available soon.

Just try 'news', 'browser', 'flickr', ...

=== Powerful for Webmasters ===

WebNews is a powerful tool to publish your website content through mobile devices.

The design is very neutral, and shows no branding.

The content is cached so the text is also available offline.

* No development needed

* As more webmasters will use WebNews, WebNews installation is run only once.

Users will have faster access to your content.

So just make WebNews your application!

Join the community!

=== Links Browser ===

The links in the feed content can be opened in a Links Browser.

【免費通訊App】WebNews - Easy RSS Reader-APP點子

When you exit the Links Browser, you go back to the WebNews content.

=== JavaScript ===

* WebNews embeds Webkit engine with JavaScript and Canvas Enabled.

* jQuery is also here.

* Adobe CreateJS is also here.

* You can send specific JS scripts in your feed to customize CSS appareance

(...or even build your own Application...)

== Canvas ==

* You can draw on the sunny banner.

* Tilt your smartphone/tablet to erase the drawing

=== Coming Soon ===

* New version development is ongoing ... Stay Tuned ;-)

WebNews is the Next Google!

WebNews will provide the new Happy Engine.

Use the web as simply as you wish it to be.

=== WebNews is Open Source ===

You can check the source code here:


=== NOTE ===

WebNews links to web servers and provide online/offline features.

WebNews was build with PhoneGap tools.

So lot of permissions are required before installation.

But no personal data is used or published outside your device.

* No Adware

【免費通訊App】WebNews - Easy RSS Reader-APP點子

* No Malware

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