Wedding DIY

【免費生活App】Wedding DIY-APP點子

The ultimate wedding planning notebook and wedding ideas organizer, created especially for the do it yourself bride or groom…or for those who simply need an easy way to keep their wedding details easily organized.

No one really wants to carry around an expensive, bulky notebook, filled with details and ideas that are almost impossible to find when you really need them. With Wedding DIY for iPhone or iPod Touch, you can gather, organize, share and instantly access literally hundreds of details about your special day wherever you go. Wedding DIY also includes a built-in "ideas and inspiration" feature that delivers up to the minute trends and tips from the web's hottest wedding trend experts. And what about a comprehensive "checklist"?

Keep all your details organized and easily accessible by creating notebooks while 'on the go' and fill them with notes about wedding dresses, flowers, photographers, people, payments due, venues, etc…

【免費生活App】Wedding DIY-APP點子

Wedding DIY also allows you to take pictures of ideas the moment the idea happens. Even store links to websites or items to purchase online. Take notes about groomsmen's tux sizes, meal choices, seating charts, the bachelor or bachelorette party…anything you need to organize and plan the perfect wedding.

And you can easily share your notebooks and notes with the touch of a button.

【免費生活App】Wedding DIY-APP點子

* Send Mom or Dad your top choices for a wedding photographer with links to their websites and the cost estimate.

* Send your lady friends the bridesmaid dress options you've selected and get their opinion on the perfect one.

* Send your DJ notes about all the music you'd like to use during the reception when you are introduced, the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, etc...

【免費生活App】Wedding DIY-APP點子

Plan one of the most important events in your life without the stress and drama…Wedding DIY lets you gather, organize and access every last detail about your wedding in the palm of your hand.

【免費生活App】Wedding DIY-APP點子

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