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Ex-Wedding Planner Reveals How Anyone Getting Married Can Put At Least A Few Thousand Dollars Back Into Their Pockets...

Discover the Secret Ways To Negotiate Prices & Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Wedding!

Learn how you can have the most unforgettable, breath-taking, wonderfully sensational wedding... That you've been dreaming about ever since the 2nd grade...

And how you can SAVE thousands of dollars in creating the most stunning, and radiant wedding!

Here are just a few hidden jewels that you'll discover inside:

★ Learn how to save $100 per hour on your wedding videography & photography

★ We reveal what percentages you should GIVE to maintain the perfect budget! Forget this and you might spend thousands MORE!

【免費生活App】Wedding Savings-APP點子

★ Can you think of more than 10 flowers for your wedding? We list over 310 AND their meanings from you to choose from!

★ Want more than just the "traditional" wedding? We list 8 for you to choose from!

★ Discover how you can save hundreds of dollars on your wedding cakes, and guest goodies!

★ Follow this tip and save up to 70% on the Groom's tuxedo!

★ Discover why the "time of day" can MAKE or BREAK your reception.

★ Don't forget to do this one week before your wedding or you'll REALLY be sorry!

★ Learn the 8 areas you can save the most from on your wedding.

【免費生活App】Wedding Savings-APP點子

★ Why fork-over an extra 15% to your wedding planner when we show you how to do this.

★ Going for a traditional themed wedding? These 3 are the top favorites!

★ Learn how you can get a wedding dress for FREE... Is it even possible?

★ Use this tip and save up to 20% on your entire reception bills!

★ Be sure to get the pictures you want at your wedding! Follow this 40 point checklist, and you'll not only save, you'll get what you want!

★ Get married on THIS DAY, and you'll cut your costs by nearly $500, every single time!

★ Why planning your wedding around your honeymoon just might save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars!!

【免費生活App】Wedding Savings-APP點子

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【免費生活App】Wedding Savings-APP點子

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