Weed Spiral Keyboard Theme

【免費個人化App】Weed Spiral Keyboard Theme-APP點子

It could be extremely fantastic if you can use the same theme for both keyboard and wallpaper. With Weed Spiral Keyboard Theme, you will be able to change the color or the picture of your keyboard to be a Weed Spiral style, and at the same time you can change the theme of your wallpaper to align with that of keyboard.

Accessorize your keyboard with those amazing flaming effects that will make your gadget burn like hell. Those amazing shades of orange and red, in contrast with black, will dress up your keyboard and wallpaper with the latest outfit.

We are very excited to present our latest theme: Weed Spiral! DOWNLOAD Weed Spiral Keyboard Theme NOW and let the amazing color and awasome graphics created by our very talented designers give your smartphone a dose of extra fun!

You can see how to change a theme from the screenshots or follow the steps below.

Easy steps to change your theme keypad:

- After the installation is completed, go to Setting.

- Select Language & input.

【免費個人化App】Weed Spiral Keyboard Theme-APP點子

- Select our application's name, that is, Weed Spiral Keyboard Theme.

- Click to select Default English (United States) - Weed Spiral Keyboard Theme.

- A pop-up page will be displayed asking you to select the input method. Please select the name of the application that you have installed.

- Enjoy using it.

Please bear in mind that sometimes the menu of the tablets or mobile phones are different from brands to brands. However, the general menu has something in common so you will not be confused for sure.

Release or energy in beautiful with this amazing Keyboard theme. Enjoy it for free!

- The incredible HD screenshots we prepared will convince you this is a must download theme!

- This theme NOT uses GO Keyboard, so you can install NOW!

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