Weight Chart v2

【免費健康App】Weight Chart v2-APP點子

Contact translate-weightchart@senselesssolutions.com to help translate Weight Chart to your language.

Keep a log of your body weight and display on a chart.

• Free and Open Source. No ads.

【免費健康App】Weight Chart v2-APP點子

• Enter weight in kilograms, pounds or stones.

• Calculates BMI if you enter height in centimeters or feet.

【免費健康App】Weight Chart v2-APP點子

• Import CSV. Export CSV, ODS and PNG.

• Share with Gmail.

【免費健康App】Weight Chart v2-APP點子

• Goal line and warning line.

Requested permissions in order to import/export data to SD card.

Requested Features (request more to weightchart@senselesssolutions):

• Add french (help needed).

【免費健康App】Weight Chart v2-APP點子

• Add color customization.

Source code : http://code.google.com/p/weight-chart/

GPL v3 : Fork from http://fredrik.jemla.eu/weightchart

【免費健康App】Weight Chart v2-APP點子

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