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Keeping track of your weight loss has never been easier with LighterLife’s free handy weight tracker app.

Whether you’re new to LighterLife or are an existing member, you can take advantage of this whizzy new tool, which lets you track your BMI as you get closer to a healthy weight for your height. All you have to do is input your weight on a regular basis and you can plot your progress on our easy-to-read graphs.

Not only will the app be an accurate way for you to keep track of your fantastic weight loss, but it will also help motivate you and keep you inspired as the pounds drop off.

Plus, if you need a bit of help losing weight, then the app will point you to your nearest LighterLife group, simply by entering your postcode.

It's free to download and features include:

• A secure log-in system

• An easy-to-use BMI calculator

【免費健康App】Weight Tracker-APP點子

• Separate BMI and weight tracker graphs

• An option to set weekly or monthly reminders to input your weight

【免費健康App】Weight Tracker-APP點子

• A find your nearest LighterLife Counsellor tool

• A guide to your BMI (Body Mass Index) and health information about your BMI

【免費健康App】Weight Tracker-APP點子

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