West Dorset Taxis

【免費交通運輸App】West Dorset Taxis-APP點子

This Taxi Booking App allows you to book a Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle from West Dorset Taxis

With this App you can:

*Make a booking directly from your Handset / Device.

*Order your taxi discreetly in a noisy places in which it is difficult to have a phone call


【免費交通運輸App】West Dorset Taxis-APP點子

- Use GPS to pinpoint your current location as a pickup point

- Use GPS to find your location

- Book Account or Cash

- Save your details for future booking

【免費交通運輸App】West Dorset Taxis-APP點子

- Chose how many passengers

Once your Taxi is booked you will receive a email/call or text SMS message confirming your booking.

【免費交通運輸App】West Dorset Taxis-APP點子

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