Weymouth New Testament

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This App includes the complete ebook of the Weymouth New Testament Bible and the audio version of 7 books (we will add more as soon as they are available). All in English Language.

This is the Weymouth New Testament, published in 1903 as The Modern Speech New Testament. This is a non-denominational translation into modern English.

**** HOW To USE ***

【免費書籍App】Weymouth New Testament-APP點子

You have the choice of either listening via audio streaming from the internet or you can download the files to your device.

* All files are streamed from the internet (internet connection needed to listen!)

【免費書籍App】Weymouth New Testament-APP點子

* You can also download each MP3 file by using the download icon in the top right corner

【免費書籍App】Weymouth New Testament-APP點子

* If file is downloaded, the app will serve the audio file directly from your device (no internet connection needed)

* Audio (streamed and downloaded) stops automatically when you receive a call

The text version e-book are available as a HTML files (no ebook reader needed) and is optimized for use on any mobile device.

You can listen to the audio files or radio while reading the text.

When you exit the app while an audio file is still active and playing, you can see a small music note in the notification bar. That is how you can get back to the app and either stop or change the audio. App will not be listed in Task Manager.

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