What's the Weather?

【免費天氣App】What's the Weather?-APP點子

This app is a specialized browser designed to keep you up to date on the weather for the next few hours "hands free" by performing 3 functions:

• Reloads the mobile m.weather.com web page once every 7 minutes.

- Note #1: This is the *same* webpage that you get by pointing any web browser to http://m.weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/graph/

- Note #2: I am not affiliated with The Weather Channel or weather.com

• Displays the weather for 6 minutes and then rests the screen for the 7th minute.

• Keep your phone from sleeping.

This app is designed for people who observe a Sabbath where they won't interact with electronic devices (e.g., push buttons), but still want an up-to-date local weather report.


Q: How do I set/change my zip code?

A: Press the menu button on your phone and choose "Settings".

【免費天氣App】What's the Weather?-APP點子

Note: The location doesn't need to be a zip code -- any location that the weather channel recognizes is fine. For example, to get the Cleveland weather, you can enter either "44118" (or another Cleveland zip code) or "USOH0195". This is particularly useful for regions outside the USA.

Q: Why do you charge for this app if it has ads?

A: They're not my ads -- they belong to weather.com. I don't get paid if you click on them.

The icon for this app is used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Title: Cloudy Weather Crystal Ball

Author: Iconka


Modification: Cropped the outer 18 pixels on all sides to make the image 220 X 220 instead of 256 X 256

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