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【免費商業App】When I Work-APP點子

When I Work is the easiest way to schedule and communicate with your employees from your Android Device or Desktop PC. Put the work schedule in your employee's pocket.

Take the pain and time out of employee scheduling. When I Work uses text messaging, email and the web to communicate, alert and notify your staff about the work schedule.

Try When I Work with your business free for 30-days. There’s no risk and no credit card is required to try.

When I Work is free to use with up to 5 employees and then as low as $1 per employee, per month for more than 5. See all pricing options at:


【免費商業App】When I Work-APP點子


✔ Create, update, cancel and publish shifts

✔ Fill open shifts in seconds with SMS alerts to staff

✔ Send employees SMS text and email alerts about the schedule

【免費商業App】When I Work-APP點子

✔ Monitor and moderate time-off requests and shift trades

✔ View employee contact information and schedules

✔ Add/Edit/Invite employees

✔ Add/Edit positions

✔ Add/Edit locations

【免費商業App】When I Work-APP點子

✔ Add/Edit job sites

✔ Google Maps integration for job sites


✔ View work schedule anytime, anywhere

【免費商業App】When I Work-APP點子

✔ View and accept available open shifts

✔ Request shift trades with other employees

✔ Get directions to job sites

✔ Allow shift drops with other employees

✔ View colleagues’ contact information

【免費商業App】When I Work-APP點子

✔ Request time off

✔ Monitor requests

【免費商業App】When I Work-APP點子

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