Where Are You?

【免費工具App】Where Are You?-APP點子

Never get worried about your closest persons anymore! Once you feel worried where is your wife/husband, child or even your close friend, just use "Where Are You?" app and you will see his/her location on a map.

"Where Are You?" will send an SMS to the person you want to know their location. Once "Where Are You?" receives that SMS on the other side, It will automatically get the location of the receiver and send it in another SMS. You will see the receiver's location on a map when you receive the response SMS.

【免費工具App】Where Are You?-APP點子

"Where Are You?" Also respects users' privacy giving you and others a complete control over who can ask for location and get it without asking you for permission and who must get your permission to get your location.

"Where Are You? is designed with 3 cases in mind.

1. Activists in Arab Spring countries who are vulnerable to detention anytime by authorities.

【免費工具App】Where Are You?-APP點子

2. Parents who get worried about where are their children.

3. Family members who want to know where is their relatives who don't answer their phones for a long time. (In case of accidents or whatever).

So, Control your privacy settings well for "Where Are You?" to be useful for you without being a tool to spy on you.

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